Top Ten Things You Think Your Friends Are Thinking While Watching Your Tank...

10) When he said he was a reefer, I thought we would be getting high!
KEstep of Amarillo, TX

9) If this guy put half as much money in the bank as he put into this tank, he would be able to buy a small island by now!
atwinparadox2 of Pennsylvania

8) Jeez! And I thought it was his wife that kept him from the bar the past few years.
Ventura67 of Augusta Twp., MI

7) If only he spent as much time cleaning his house as he does cleaning his fish tank, maybe I wouldn't be standing on a pile of dirty laundry right now!
shyland83 of Oakdale, Long Island

6) How long do I have to look at this so he thinks I think it's cool?
brettperkins of Chino Hills, CA

5) What I think they're thinking: "What a marvel of modern aquaria! John has done an excellent job putting together a beautiful slice of a living coral reef." What they're really thinking is: "Look at the pretty fishies!"
JFugett of Tampa, FL

4) I thought when he stopped drinking, got a sponsor and picked up a new hobby that his obsessive behavior would diminish. Boy, was I wrong!
ordy1 of New Jersey

3) They're wondering how anybody smart enough to figure out how all the hardware, plumbing and electrical systems coincide with each other, and who knows the latin name for everything alive inside his tank can be stupid enough to spend that much money on a freakin' fish tank!
swimboy123 of Jacksonville, NC

2) He spends $10,000.00 plus on this reef tank, but when I invite him over for dinner, he brings me a miserable $5.00 bottle of wine!
Jkevin444 of Pittsburg, CA

1) It really needs one of those plastic bubbling divers, though...
Serk of Rowlett, TX

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