Usually, Iím a pretty honest guy. I try to treat others the way I want to be treated. However, this month I took some huge liberties with the truth when I wrote my Letter From The Editor for that initial issue. And boy did the hate mail come in. It seems that many of you didnít like the idea of saving bandwidth and demanded the return of Tank Of The Month. Imagine that!

So while we did enjoy pulling your leg via Reefkeeping Magazine as well on Reef Central, you will see everything is as it should be. It was a brief moment of fun, and many of you really did like it. Hereís a fun example: Antarctic Corals!!

In light of that, let me focus for a moment on the topic of Kalkwasser. Many people like to use it as a way to maintain alkalinity and calcium in their aquariums, dripping it in during the late night hours or using it as their automatic top-off solution. Personally, I wonít use it for my tanks because I feel the risk is too great. Kalkwasser has a pH of 12, and if too much is added to your tank accidentally, all your work can be lost in mere hours. It is very important that youíve thought of all the possible scenarios, and tailored your method to reduce that risk as much as possible. If you can limit the total amount of kalkwasser solution to what your tank can handle all at once, that would be ideal. Hereís a quick thread about what to do in the event of an overdose:

Happy reefing!

Marc Levenson (melev)
Managing Editor

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