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Reefkeeping's Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons Why You Wish You Had Never Bought That One Last Fish...

10) Because that one last fish I had to have was an impulse buy and three weeks later, that one last fish was the ONLY fish in the tank.... Arghhh!!!
rodstar of Chester Springs, PA

9) Because me and the old lady sit in the living room every night with small ice-fishing poles trying to catch the old one attacking the new one that we like so much more!
jreeceaspen of Denver, Colorado

8) I think my damsel looked better with a tail.
Hand von Tod of Maine

7) There is no such thing as "One last fish..."
Wile E Coyote of Troy, Il

6) Because of all the times I had bought that one last fish...
Gotsoup of Modesto, CA

5) Because that one last fish has made sure that he is the ONLY fish I have left.
Patrick12 of Okinawa, Japan

4) Because it ate all of my other fish... and all my coral!
stunreefer of Submerged, Whereabouts

3) Because now I can no longer count using my hands and my feet!
espocrespo of England

2) Because it sent my Daniel's Jewelers credit card to collections. By the way, his name is Sohal Tang.
firereef of Long Beach, CA

1) Is there ever REALLY that one last fish?
franklinnt1 of Chesapeake, VA

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