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Reefkeeping's Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons You Should Not Have Picked Up This Hobby...

10) Because every time i walk into a local fish store, I seem to lose $100.
espocrespo of Stroke, England

9) Because student loans are for books, food and rent... not for protein skimmers, two-part solution and frags.
exoticaquatix of Baltimore, Maryland

8) Because your boss isn't always receptive to, "I will be in at noon tomorrow because I have a coral being delivered that I have to inspect and acclimate before the "'Arrive Alive" guarantee is voided." And even less receptive when you call him at noon and tell him that FedEx didn't deliver it on time and you have take the whole day off. And don't forget the fact that the coral cost as much as the work-day you just wasted.
cmondo of Holmdel County, New Jersey

7) Because I didn't realize I had a bad back until I started picking up heavy glass tanks, buckets of water and bending over into my aquarium to move rocks around.
yardboy of Panama City, Florida

6) Because I knew I should have left this hobby alone when I had to make the choice between a Yuma (Ricordea), or baby food...
Kraylen of Monterey Bay, California

5) Because simple car trips to run errands has turned into changing the route to pass by the maximum amount of fish stores. Since you are passing by, you just have to stop in. Three hours later, you get home with ketchup from the furthest grocery store (and a few new frags).
dbenyo of Pompano Beach, Florida

4) I didn't like school the first time, and now I am back here trying to remember what I was supposed to learn in Chemistry, Geometery, Physics and the most painful of them all... Economics! What I have learned about Economics is that this hobby has shifted my finances from macro to micro in a hurry...
Atticus of Independence, Iowa

3) Because I think my girlfriend could cope with me having a heroin addiction better then a reef addiction.
zachtos of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

2) Because it's more addicting than crack!
stunreefer of Ann Arbor, Michigan

1) Because now I'm single...
oneradtek202 of Syracuse, New York

Reefkeeping's next Top Ten for September: "Top Ten Lies You Told Your Boss To Stay Home And Tend To Your Tank..." Our thanks go out to stripevt for suggesting the next topic!

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