Andrew Trevor-Jones
aka ATJ

Andrew Trevor-Jones is an amateur aquarist with over 25 years expeience with keeping marine organisms. In the mid-70s, he started keeping the marine fish he caught himself while snorkelling around Sydney, Australia where he was born and raised.

At the same time he joined the Sydney chapter of the the Marine Aquarium Research Institute of Australia (MARIA) which also fostered the careers of some notable marine scientists, including Rudie H Kuiter and Dr Ove Hoegh-Guldberg. The blossoming interest in all things marine led to a degree in Marine Science at the University Of New South Wales. Andrew's Honours project was on Cephalopods and particularly the feeding behaviour of a common Sydney species of cuttlefish. Unfortunately, due to a shortage of jobs in Marine Science in 1982 and 1983 (and a poor choice of Honours project), Andrew was unable to find work in the marine field and now works in the computer industry.

Andrew now lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney where he currently has 9 marine aquariums, including 2 dedicated mini-reef tanks. He is an active member of the Marine Aquarium Society of Sydney (MASS) and with other members of and the Marine Aquariums Societies in Victoria and Western Australia is in the process of establishing an umbrella organisation in Australia: MASA. MASA's aim will be to liase with government, envionmental groups and industry members to improve the marine aquarium industry in Australia and make it more sustainable and lessen the impact on the natural resources. Additionally, MASA will provide resources and information to aquarists in Australia via their local societies.

You can communicate with Andrew at his author forum at Reef Central.

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