James W. Fatherree, M. Sc.

James Fatherree spent the first half of life in the Jackson, Mississippi, area where he started keeping freshwater aquariums, lizards, snakes, etc. at a single digit age. Then, after high school he studied zoology and geology at Mississippi State University, becoming a paleontologist with a strong interest in marine invertebrates. Moving along, James went to graduate school at the University of South Florida where he studied invertebrate paleontology and earned an M.Sc. in geology. It was during those college years that he became overwhelmed by a fascination with marine fish and reef aquariums, and he's been hooked on them ever since.

From high school to graduate school James was also a soldier, initially serving in the Army Reserve and then as a paratrooper in the 20th Army Special Forces Group of the Mississippi National Guard. Since those days he has worked as a diver/collector for marine livestock wholesalers in the Tampa Bay area, managed a large marine aquarium retail store, started and built (and then sold) a very successful aquarium maintenance business, and started putting his knowledge on paper to help others in the hobby. To date he has written four books on the subject of marine aquariums, and has published almost 50 articles in various magazines. He has also had over 1000 underwater and aquarium photographs published along with these works.

Currently James is an Environmental Science and Earth Science instructor at Hillsborough Community College and is in his 6th year of teaching. Living in Tampa, he spends his off-time fishing, diving, taking pictures, drinking Guinness, going too fast on his motorcycle (but not when drinking the Guinness), and of course, looking at his own aquariums.

For more information about James, visit his personal site at www.fatherree.com/james.

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