Simon Huntington

Simon Huntington has been involved with the saltwater hobby for a short period of 4 years. Previously, he had kept a small garden pond since the age of 12, but the cold weather made it a chore rather than a pleasure. His journey to marine aquariums all started on a visit to the local fish store to look at setting up a tropical freshwater aquarium. Seeing the colourful marine fish was too much to resist, and a path, which eventually lead from marine fish to reefs, was begun. Armed with only a few books and access to the internet forum Aqualink, his first fish-only system was born.

Within about 2 months he had become interested in invertebrates, but realizing his current fish-only tank was unsuitable, he set up a 20 gallon reef tank. After a year, with more knowledge and experience under his belt, corals were filling the tank. Soon thereafter, an upgrade followed to a 65 gallon tank, which was featured in ReefCentral’s Tank of the Month series back in September 2001. Now, with every inch of his tank packed with small-polyped stoney corals, an upgrade is in progress to a 240 gallon reef tank.

Primarily with an interest in SPS corals, clams, and also chemistry & technology, Simon helps moderate on our Species Forums at ReefCentral. He is a member and regular participant in WYMAG, the UK’s largest Marine & Reef Club.

Living in England, he is in a great position to take advantage of the knowledge from the USA while also utilizing German equipment. He lives alone and is Director of a computer software company.

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