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What gives?

So I finally got my hands on a Trident about 8 months ago which was no easy task to begin with. Had to purchase an Apex base unit which I needed to run the Trident. I made to plunge to dive into automation simply because I donít enjoy testing regularly and this was a way to avoid doing so. I made to commitment to your company for a product that since has made it difficult to continue to perform due to lack of reagent production! NO ONE online or local can get their hands on Trident reagents. I realize the pandemic issues but this was going on before shutdowns began. All other companies are able to keep their products on the shelves and able to ship out through online vendors why canít you? Donít offer a product if you canít carry through with decent service! Iíve been a long time reefer and have been burned many times through the years and now your on that list. Very frustrating!

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