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Originally Posted by halmus View Post
Thank you!

Iíve never used Ozone but I have a general understanding of how it helps with water clarity. I remember asking about it when I originally ordered the skimmer. I canít remember now whether I have to make any modifications to the slimmer to add in the ozone other than some sort of input line.

I assume that clearer water would allow for a more uniform penetration of PAR vs water depth? Itís definitely something to look into some time in the future.

You'd need ORP on the tank. Max you want is around 450. If you don't have a UV you could try that, it will bring ORP and clarity up first. I'm not really so keen on running ozone on a skimmer even though most of them are compatible. You really should run the effluent and air out of the reactor through carbon. While ozone breaks down almost immediately in saltwater it leaves behind toxic oxidants so you want to take them out before discharge. Air leaving the mixing chamber will contain ozone and that's harmful to you and your wife...

Interestingly enough... IIRC running ozone alone doesn't really do much to DOCs but running ozone treated water through carbon effectively doubles the efficiency of the carbon.

Here is a great read on ozone. I've used it on several tanks in the past and have thought about running on my current system.

I once accidentally overdosed an aquarium with ozone and it nuked my plague of anthellia as far as I could tell nothing else was impacted,

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