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Originally Posted by Sisterlimonpot View Post
Anything new happening with the tank?

Thanks for asking. There have been a lot of ups and downs. My new business has really picked up which is good and bad. Bad because I have less time to dink around with the tank. Working 6-7 days a week now.

Iíll be heading to Australia in Oct. Diving on the GBR! Thatís part of the reason Iím working nonstop to make some commitments to clients.

Iím doing a little maintenance today. 10 mile run this morning to keep my wife happy. Doesnít help with my energy levels! Slam some more coffee and drive on...

Some of the recent challenges:
-SPS are hanging in there but not happy. I watch chemistry closely and have tried adjusting the Radions for intensity and duration. Couldnít hit that magic solution.

-based on other hobbyists input, I was chasing nitrate and phosphate levels. They were undetectable since I started the tank. Iíve had zero problems with nuisance algae in the display.

-I started trying boosting nitrate to levels recommended by some local ďexpertsĒ. Guess what followed? Algae explosion Iím battling now.

-I finally got fed up trying to force the Radions to work with my SPS. I tried them for over two years. I know they work for some people, but I just canít get things set right. No matter what I tried, I couldnít keep anything blue? Cali and Oregon Torts are probably my favorite and I just couldnít get them to survive under LED. Reds loved it! Iím sure thereís user error there, but Iíve lost the mental energy to fight spectrum settings any longer. So, ordered x4 250watt MH. Radion 14k bulbs. Had to rework my T5-HO a little to fit in the new fixtures. I now have x10 48Ē T5-HO bulbs over the display along with the MH. Most coral did well with the transition. I did loose a Red Dragon and Ice and Fire Echinata. Otherwise, the SPS seems to be happier. Iím still slowly increasing the duration for MH. At about 4.5 hrs a day now. Probably wonít go much more.

-had to supplement air flow to compensate for the heat from the MH. So far, that has worked well during the local heat wave. No chiller, which was my biggest concern. Bunch of fans controlled by the Apex and triggered by temp settings.

-Alk / Ca consumption went up drastically after MH which is a clear sign that something likes the new lights.

-The MH transition probably made the algae problem worse. I have a ton of growth on the substrate. Thatís my focus on cleaning up now. Itís growing on the rock some which scares me more. I want to get it off the substrate so that the clowns can focus on where it matters.

-I have the following tangs in QT: Powder Blue, Clown, Naso, Orange Shoulder, Scopas. Theyíre all pigs and I canít wait to get them in the display. The Blue is a jerk. Heís in his own tank. The others are all getting along well. I introduce them mid September.

-Also working on boosting my CUC population.

-have a growing Anthia population with groups of Bimaculatus, Lyretail, and Bartletts

So, with all of the ups and downs, Iím returning to what worked for me in the past. Iím going to ignore all of the advise I have gotten from local ďexpertsĒ. I have the lighting combination I know works. Nothing much to adjust. Iíll stay on top of the algae and make small adjustments as needed.

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