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Originally Posted by JMetaxas View Post
Just found this thread. Remarkable build.


Itís always up and down with this tank. Over the last month Iíve lost a few colonies. As of today, the ďblueĒ coral Iíve always struggled with in the past is looking better than ever. Others that were indestructible are looking worse.

So, must be something that Iím missing. All parameters are within reason after testing. Bulbs are replaced every 6 months.

I had to switch Ca/Rx media to ARM. Ran out of Sprungís material and not sure when Iíll be able to get more.

Iím keeping up general maintenance on the system but otherwise taking a hands-off approach. Some coral looks great others not so much. So, Iím just letting the system determine its own direction for now.

Still owe everyone pictures. Sorry about the delay. Iíll get some up sometime. Warts and all.

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