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First, the top and third pic were from the same overlook. The second pic was from a cliff down the road. It's a go to place for photographers to take the city shot from. It's gotten overgrown though. I was careful to eliminate the tress just to the right. It's beginning to take away the shot most go there for.

On the pose, no coaching from me. First, you know I don't like shooting people. From what a guy I work with, (his wife is a portrait photog), it's called a horse pose, and yes, it's a go to pose for them.

It was kind of a weird situation. They were trying to get a pic with an iphone being held in place by a purse on the ground. I'm standing off to the side and shooting when I here them calling out Jessica, the girl in the middle. That was enough to get my attention. I noticed what they were doing, and realized because of the angle of the iphone, they couldn't be getting much of the city in the pic, so I told them to stay put and I'd take one for them.

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