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Resurrection of a 46 gallon tank

So....I have lots of questions. But first the situation.

I'm setting up a 46 gallon, 36x16x20 curved front glass tank as a (hopefully) reef tank. The tank is one I've had up in the attic for a decade now, and unfortunately there are no built in overflows or holes for bulkheads. I have no idea if any of the panels are tempered glass as we bought the tank secondhand. Also, the back is painted a very nice blue, but this makes it impossible to check for tempered glass using an LCD screen. So, I'm too scared to try to drill. I intend to have a sump in the cabinet under the tank so I need a drain. That leaves a siphon overflow, but since the tank will be in a classroom I will not have quick access if something happens and the siphon looses suction.

1) Thus my first question: Is there a siphon overflow that will not loose suction if the power goes off and the level drops and then flood my tank when the power and pump come back on? Or does anybody have another suggestion?

2) Second question regards the sump. I'm thinking about using a plastic tub for the sump but I would like to have different compartments within it. Any suggestions?

Another alternative for me is to set it up as a FOWLR tank using our old system: skimmer, and biowheel-type filter with just one or two pumps for flow (worked fine for 3 years). So...

3) I have old live rock, now all dead, obviously. If I only get a few pieces of live rock, how long would it take to colonize the base rock?

Thanks for any help!

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