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AGU's powerhead+ holder...

Hey Agu. Ive been using those brackets for years... heat forming acrylic to hold powerheads and things in place looked very familiar. There is another use though that I have found: you can make individual mounts for frags that just hang on the walls of the tank. A 1" wide strip of 1/8" acrylic can be bent to hang on the edge of the tank, and then the other end gets bent into just a simple 'L'. In that 'L' you drill a 1/2" hole for the plug to slide into, and ta-da!!!

They are very nice because they make useful space where there was previously none. And you can pluck out a frag without even putting your hands in the water. I was able to cram 30-some SPS frags into a 10g using this method.

The battery air pump cracked me up though... that looked very familiar!!!

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