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Originally Posted by ~RuSh~ View Post
Any chance you might explain the water mixing station a little better?

The 150 gph rodi unit is fed from the spigot outside. The filtered water runs into a 44 gallon brute can located on the top of the stand. I'm using a float valve inside the can to keep it from overflowing if I get distracted or get pulled away from tank maintenance. There is a bulkhead installed into the bottom of this can which is then plumbed with a ball valve to allow me to fill the salt mixing brute can below. I have a pump at the bottom of the mixing can that has been plumbed so that the water is pumped up then back down into 2 outputs. These keep the salt from settling at the bottom. You have to drill some holes in the middle between the 2 outputs in order to keep the salt from collecting behind the outputs. The other output is for pumping the saltwater from the mixing can to the tank. With the front valve closed and the rear valve open the water and salt mix. With the front valve open and the rear valve closed. Water is pumped into the tank. I have a tplink wifi outlet that I control the pump with using my phone during mixing or pumping water to the display.

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