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Well the tank is cycleing doing its thing you know. It's giving me time to sit back and think. Could be a good thing or a bad thing right lol [emoji23]. As spring and summer approach I know work will get busier and I'll have less time to play with my aquariums. I have a small HVAC/R business and work as a cook in Destin Florida. looking back to my first post "My Goals" for this build has really kept this system moving in the right direction. That being said I think that I should dial the "corals to keep" list back a bit. At this point with work and family I feel like my tanks will be put on the back burner more often than not. I've done what I can with the w/c mixing station to keep maintenance easy but my thoughts as of now seem to drift to a primarily soft coral reef. I feel it will suite my lifestyle better. I would like to have each rock formation covered in only one or 2 specific soft corals to keep a colorful minimalist iwagumi style aquascape with a little bit of movement. Thoughts anyone?

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