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Originally Posted by jkotzan View Post
Sorry-just saw you do not have eta on 160ís.
You know, there is nothing wrong with that Mini 160 of yours. That AC pump is time proven and a beast. Thatís not to say the DC one isnít a beast too but upgrading to the newer model Mini 160 isnít going to improve much if anything in your system. From a performance standpoint, the original Mini 160ís and the new models will all perform similarly when it comes to removing dissolved organics. So if this is about improving water quality, donít expect much of a difference because there wonít be. If this is about keeping up with the Jonesís and getting the latest and greatest, then the DC model may be in order. Between the Mini 160 DC and Double Cone 150 DC, the advantage the Double Cone has is that the pump is outside the body making maintenance easier since you donít need to remove the skimmer to clean the pump.

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