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Would like confirmation on Chaeto growth and water level

Hi fellow reefers. I have a situation that I would like confirmation that my logic is correct.

I have the Neptune ATK (with 2 sensors) in my return pump area of my sump. Itís configured to run once an hour.

I have Chaeto in my sump. Itís grown using the Kessil H380 from 10pm to 10am PST.

From 10am to 10pm, the ATK runs like clockwork. Every hour, the ATK runs from 10 seconds to a little over a minute.

Starting around 10pm, the water level rises enough to cover the lower and upper sensor. If I leave it alone, enough water will evaporate during the day until the lower sensor is open or I need to manually remove water.

My logic says that the reason this is happening is due to the fact that the Chaeto is growing and taking up more space causing the water level to rise. Is my logic valid?

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