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I know this is not the answer to your question but i will like to know how are you liking the pump in terms of accuracy and noise?

Thinking to jump the wagon to replace my Doser.

Thanks in advance...

125 Gal. Reef Tank, Skimmer SRO-1000SSS (Old), Aquamaxx EM-200, Chiller Artica 1/4, BRS GFO/Carbon Reactor, Sunpower 6x80 Watt., Actinic ReefBrites, 2 Jebao RW-15, 3/4 Sea Swirl, HY-5000 Return Pump,

Current Tank Info: 125 Gal. Reef, Chiller 1/4, Skimmer SRO SSS-1000 (Old), Aquamaxx EM-200, Aqua C UV, Actinic ReefBrites, Kore 5th. Doser, APEX Full
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