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Originally Posted by Reef This View Post
Whats the typical time frame for the rubber tubing inside the pump?
Great discussion.

To answer your original question, the tube is a wearable item and does need to be replaced, however there's no official answer on what the interval is. Because these are such versatile pumps, I think there are a lot of factors involved when determining tube replacement.

Part of my maintenance schedule with versa is to check calibration monthly. The first month I was calibrating quite often as the tube was breaking in, but it has now settled and when I check calibration it's only off by 0.5ml if any.

My rule of thumb is, once calibration starts to shift drastically, I will replace the tube.

Of course visual inspection are worth noting as well, if the tube looks like it's about to split or there's some obvious damage, I would replace as well.

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