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I've decided to do a mushroom and zoa tank...

...which I hope will be easy care.

I've got a few recommendations from past and present experience, number one being, if you have massive, complex rockwork or if you just want specimens to stay put, buy ones that come on a small rock. Unhappy shrooms migrate. And seem very adept at leaving frag-plug attachment, and unless you have a tank where frag-plugs are in a grid or predrilled holes, they are also prone to come loose from the plug and float away into some rocky cave: some fish will try to help them, I swear.

At least with discosoma/actinoidiscus types, if you can retrieve the fugitive shroom, one trick to get it reattached to something is to lay a fairly light chunk of rock on it, like a 2" piece of old coral branch, pinning the shroom to the sandbed. Leave it overnight, and by morning the shroom may (with luck) have gotten its foot onto the rock and crawled up to the light. Let it alone a bit. By afternoon you should be able to put the rock and shroom in an advantageous position re light and appearance.

An unrelated note: small fish that perch on things (like mushrooms) can be killed by a few species of mushroom that have reactions like anemones, notably the elephant ear types, and other giant mushrooms which I wish I could precisely identify for you. Blennies, gobies, and dragonets are particularly at risk. They become entrapped and suffocate, as their struggles make the shroom close tighter. It will finally release the trapped fish, after it demises.


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