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It had a soggy edge, but the bags are, thank goodness, intact. LA stuffed an extra piece of plastic bag into the bags, too, to try to keep the specimens from moving too much, which is good.

I have to make get to an appointment. I've dealt with 2 bags with no wild shrooms. Will go for the problematic ones and either rubber=band them or lay a light rock on them to get them to crawl up the rock and attach. The zoas are already responding to, like, warmth.


Salinity 1.024-6; alkalinity 8.3-9.3 on KH scale; calcium 420; magnesium 1300, temp 78-80, nitrate .2. Ammonia 0. No filters: lps tank. Alk and cal won't rise if mg is low.

Current Tank Info: 105g AquaVim wedge, chromis, royal gramma basslet, tailspot blenny, ocellaris clown, yellow watchman, chestnut turbo snails, bristleworms, couple of hermits.
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