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I used to keep a fairly small mantis in an old 20 gallon tank, but had to move a few years back. I ended up giving it away - but recently started back up and picked up a larger mantis from the local store.

So far it's taken a liking to the cave that it has adopted, and goes so far as to peer out and guard it unless someone walks by (at which point it ducks back in and peers out cautiously).

The store had no firm ID and I've IDed it rather haphazardly as a G. platysoma and was hoping I could get a more firm ID of the specimen. I've got a couple of photos here and here . I'll attempt some more photos relatively soon if these are insufficient for identification.

Any help would be fantastic! Currently I put in a "fresh" round of hermit crabs, astrea snails and a couple mithrax crabs once I notice most are "missing" or the telltale pile of debris and discarded shells outside the burrow gets fairly large. I've also been feeding the mantis freeze-dried krill every now and again by wedging pieces around the tank. They disappear after fifteen or so minutes, so I can only assume the mantis is taking them. If there's anything else you'd recommend, I'd love to hear it.


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