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great post! Thanks for the info. I have a 10" or so peacock mantis He has molted about 4 times since I had him (a little under a year!) He is very active, eats well etc.

However the last 2 molts were very hard on him. The first one took over a week for him to completely molt. I would see him swim out one day wiht a piece of old shell, then a couple days later his swimmettes, then a couple days later another piece. His tank is in my office so I saw more of him.

I turn off his lights when he molts to reduce his stress. I even turn off the other tank lights during the time.

On his last molt I thought for sure he was going to die! I come in and he is on his back in the middle of the tank kicking and kicking his swimmettes. He usually closes himself in his den for days when he molts. I turn off his lights and leave him be. He remained on his back out in the open for the remainder of the night. The next day he went back to his den and molted for many many days...2 weeks in fact. He would throw pieces of his shell out of the den during that time.

I guess my question is.....will his molts continue to get harder on him? I have no idea how old he is but like I said he is a good 10". I fret over his molts and i fear he will die in the next one.

He eats very well. He loves krill, silversides, squid not so much, whole raw shrimp, etc. I give him a couple large turbo snails to graze on at least a couple times a month. I soak all his food in Selcon or GVH. Any ideas?

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