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Originally Posted by Gonodactylus View Post
This doesn't sound good to me. Stomatopods do not usually lie around on their backs for days prior to molting. With a healthy molt, you typically see increases in digging and aggression a few days prior to molting and the last day or two they can't strike, but not the behavior you describe. If it were me, I would tend to the tank with a partial water change being careful not to stir things up and matching the salinities between the old and new water.

Ok, maybe i mislead you with my quick typing and really not thinking clearly.

He spent today on his back. The last few days he did just as you said. He dug a actual hole for the first time ever. He killed about 9 hermits within a day and a half and like i said today everytime i walked past he was laying there.

I had to work today but i got your message and did a water change. It was already lights out so he couldnt see me and vice versa....hoping for the best here. Thanks always for your input Dr. This will be his second molt since ive had him since Jan of this year. Am i over feeding?

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