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Unhappy Peacock Molted - scared she has shell rot

We've had our 6" peacock mantis shrimp since September (it had molted at the LFS just before pick up). We had the mantis tank covered and unlighted for the past few days of molting. We figured it ought to be done so we took a peak. She came out of her burrow and we noticed some spots on her back. But since we had no lights on it was hard to tell if the spots were normal or not. We flicked on the lights for a second to take this photo. She is normally very colorful and we had never noticed any rotting on her before. As you can see, aside from the concerning spot of possible rot she is also now a dull brown. Can someone please tell me if the spots on her is shell rot or something else? And what I can do, if anything, to help her out? Thanks in advanced!!

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