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I'm currently on the Great Barrier Reef chasing stomatopods. I have very limited email, so there isn't much I can do to modify the list. Bottom line with respect to longevity is that we have good data for only a few species. Most gonodactyloids live 4 - 7 years. Hemisquilla less - probably 4 or 5. Squillids about 3-4. Lysiosquillina up to 20. The best data we have are for Neogonodactylus which live 5 - 7.

I did try to provide lighting information based on depth. Species such as Neogonodactylus wennerae and G. affinis go pink or red below 10 m (blue light) and green shallower ( broad spectrum). Species such as Odontodactylus change little with depth.

As for metric, there are lots of good conversion programs on the web.

Back to pod catching.


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