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Starting to culture

Hello all I am now starting to culture live foods. So far I have been in it about 2 weeks and have 2 bottles of Nanno going good and ready to split again. Once I get my Nanno cultures going good I will be moving on to roti's and tisbe pods. The place I will purchase the roti's and pods culture them together. Joey (the person who will send out the roti/pod starter culture) states that he feeds this nanno paste. He has been culturing the roti's/pods with this food for a long time now and says it is going real well and not crashing.

The problem is I am getting conflicting information. I made a post in the reef section and didnt get much attention so I am hoping to talk to the experts here.

According to this article here they recommend feeding nanno to the pods. Yet other places and people are saying that copepods dont feed off of nanno and iso is better. I am reading that iso is really hard to culture though. So who is right? The article or what others are saying on the forums. Also, how can Joey be so successful only feeding nanno? Is it possibly because the pods are actually eating the rotifers and not the algae? If this is the case is the copepods still as valuable nutritionally? If nanno is not the best option for tisbe copepods what is?

Another question in regards to algae. From my reading its not good to mix cultures since one algae will out-compete another. So why is it then that the big guys, Reed Mariculture for example ship out LIVE algae in a bottle with multiple types of algae? Wouldn't one algae become dominant in the bottle at some point? Or does this not happen because it is refrigerated and dormant?

Thanks for spending the time answering my questions, im sure I will have some more!

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