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Originally Posted by djkms View Post
Joey (the person who will send out the roti/pod starter culture) states that he feeds this nanno paste. He has been culturing the roti's/pods with this food for a long time now and says it is going real well and not crashing.
That's the product from Reed's. Brineshrimp Direct is a reseller. Both Reed and BSD are great places to do business with. Haven't dealt with Joey, so can't comment on him.

According to this article here they recommend feeding nanno to the pods. Yet other places and people are saying that copepods dont feed off of nanno and iso is better. I am reading that iso is really hard to culture though. So who is right? The article or what others are saying on the forums.
Part of the differences are different species of pods being cultured. Iso is harder to culture than nano, but it's still doable by the hobbyist. The big tricks to Iso are splitting cultures early and often and being on top of sanitation of your culture equipment...the sanitation is very important. Iso just isn't as forgiven of slacking off as nano is. If you only could culture one phyto, my recommendation would be Iso as it has an excellent nutritional profile. If you have space for culturing two strains, raising a mix of Nano and Iso seems to work very well for rot cultures...better than using a single strain.

Also, how can Joey be so successful only feeding nanno?
Nano can work well for rots.

Is it possibly because the pods are actually eating the rotifers and not the algae?
While I've known culturists to raise some species of pods on Iso, yes pods do also eat rots. The later is why most people culturing rots try and keep the pods out of the rot culture

If this is the case is the copepods still as valuable nutritionally?
Yes, so long as what the pods are eating has good nutrition

If nanno is not the best option for tisbe copepods what is?
Again, if only getting to choose one species of phyto, I'd go with Iso.

Another question in regards to algae. From my reading its not good to mix cultures since one algae will out-compete another. So why is it then that the big guys, Reed Mariculture for example ship out LIVE algae in a bottle with multiple types of algae? Wouldn't one algae become dominant in the bottle at some point? Or does this not happen because it is refrigerated and dormant?
Those mixed bottles are sold to be used directly as feed, not start new cultures. You'll generally feed off the bottle long before the species mix and alter much, if at all.


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