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Were you just born awesome or is that something you learned over the years?

Thanks for the clarification. I actually have room for multiple cultures and I do have a tetra disk sitting in my closet. FAF was out of ISO. So let me understand this, would you say to feed the copepod/roti culture ISO and feed the DT nanno? I guess my question is this, is nanno the best overall phyto to feed a reef and ISO is best overall to feed a copepod culture? I honestly dont care as much about the roti's as I do the pods, maybe I should? What about tetra? Will copepods readily consume tetra like ISO or will I have face the same issue as I would nanno? I only ask because of how difficult ISO can be to culture and I want to have a food source ready to go if the ISO crashes.

So if I culture multiple phyto's I can then split the culture and mix the split of multiple phyto's into the same bottle and place in the fridge with no issue?

Thanks Bill

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