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Originally Posted by billsreef View Post
That's the product from Reed's. Brineshrimp Direct is a reseller. Both Reed and BSD are great places to do business with. Haven't dealt with Joey, so can't comment on him.

Sort of correct but incorrect at the same time. BSD mixes their own blend (both preservation and algal mix) so while it may be sourced from us, it really is not our product.

Part of the differences are different species of pods being cultured. Iso is harder to culture than nano, but it's still doable by the hobbyist. The big tricks to Iso are splitting cultures early and often and being on top of sanitation of your culture equipment...the sanitation is very important. Iso just isn't as forgiven of slacking off as nano is. If you only could culture one phyto, my recommendation would be Iso as it has an excellent nutritional profile. If you have space for culturing two strains, raising a mix of Nano and Iso seems to work very well for rot cultures...better than using a single strain.

Nano can work well for rots.

Ok whats's NANO Bill? I expect more from you my friend

While I've known culturists to raise some species of pods on Iso, yes pods do also eat rots. The later is why most people culturing rots try and keep the pods out of the rot culture

some pods eat rotifers,

Yes, so long as what the pods are eating has good nutrition

Again, if only getting to choose one species of phyto, I'd go with Iso.

Those mixed bottles are sold to be used directly as feed, not start new cultures. You'll generally feed off the bottle long before the species mix and alter much, if at all.

Many mixed bottles with nanno in them you can start the nanno. That stuff is nearly bullet proof.

Feeding your polyp at a time
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