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Ok I did my 4th split today of Nanno. I decided to pull out the density measurer and its reading almost exactly at 2cm. I used a tall glass in the kitchen with pretty bright light. I wanted to be on the low end. According to the chart thats 61.4 million cells per ml. Is this good after 4 weeks or should I be higher?

I started out with a nanno disk from FAF. I premix salt into a 5 gallon bucket using 0 TDS RO/DI water with Reef crystals salt at 1.020. I add 1ml of micro algae grow on every split and do the splits every Friday. Lights are on 16 hours a day. No crashes so far however I think I need to turn down my bubble rate. On my last split it started foaming at the top and now I have "scum" in my recently split culture, hasn't crashed yet though. It seems the thicker the culture get the more I have to turn down the bubble rate so it doesn't "skim". I also just did my first split of Tetra, so far so good there.

The picture was taken 1 day after split

I have zooplankton cultures going in a couple 5 gallon buckets. I received 2 starters. One with Roti's and Tisbe's, the other with Roti's Tisbe's and Tigriopus pods. I don't think adding my phyto is working well, I need something more concentrated. I have been splitting a 16oz bottle of nanno between the buckets per day. This is however adding too much water. I ordered some algae paste from brine shrimp direct. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated!

by the way, I am really enjoying this aspect of the hobby!

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