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So I'm culturing tisbe copepods in a 2 liter bottle. Its about two weeks since I've started, and I'm running into a problem. I've got copepod detritus building up on the bottom of the bottle. I did a water change, but in order not to lose the pods, I filtered them through a 53 micron screen, but that also caught all the detritus. So instead of giving them a pristine bottle of water, they got clean water and all of their poop.

Should I just siphon out the detritus, and whatever pods I get and maybe throw them all into my sump?

I know if I did that, I'd lose a lot of pods, since they seem to like to hang out at the bottom of the bottle, and since I just started the culture, I'm a bit afraid that I would lose too many pods doing this. Suggestions?

90 gallon mixed reef XPS1000SSS skimmer, 2 radions gen 1, tunze osmolator w/ kalk dispenser, 70 lbs pukani, mp40w x2; 1 tomini, 1 clown 2 mandarins. Vinegar dosing, and micro bubble scrubbing.
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