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Maxijet problem

I'm using your maxijet pumps for feed pumps to various filters, reactors, etc. and I'm use a ball valve to reduce the flow to the necessary volume. However, the back pressure created by the reduced flow is damaging the impellers and stripping the lock that the impeller engages on the shaft. The impeller are just free floating on the shafts now. I've had about 4-5 of your pumps do this, the most recent was only 3 weeks old. Is there a was to fix/modify the impeller to the magnetic shaft permanently. And would there be a problem if it was permanent?

The impellers are the purple ones, Sorry this is difficult to explain.

Another problem I've been having is the impeller blades are breaking off..

- 180g DT, 90g (for anti-social group), 40g Frag, 40g (acclimating newbies before DT). 290g sump.
- lots of Tangs, heavy feeding.
- Having ongoing problems keeping Nitrates down.

Current Tank Info: 180g bowfront
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