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Originally Posted by Tripod1404 View Post
In comments of this video ( he said all of his fish are dead due to velvet and he started a new project. I am not sure if cartilaginous fish can even get velvet. They most likely died due to lack of space and resulting stress. Considering the cost of those fish and restocking such a tank, he is simply a rich p-r-i-c-k (sorry but I want this to be visible) who doesnt care about animals.
That's what I was thinking - as far as I know, cartilaginous fishes rarely get the same conditions and diseases that bony fishes can get. Velvet doesn't seem likely. And judging by his experience, he probably wouldn't be able to tell what velvet actually was.

Thanks to everyone who has replied. It may not seem like we can do anything, but I'm going to try. Apparently, he is in possession of an illegal fish - his napoleon wrasse. I told him that he can either sell his fish and his tank to someone who will use it appropriately, or I will alert the proper authorities. I have no idea whether they will actually do anything, but he is breaking the law and there's still a chance he could get into some trouble for it so we can hope.

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