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While I do not condone or support people who stuff dozens of fish in a small tank and while I completely understand your anger. I think the bigger problem in this world is people who just love to mind other peoples business. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but really guys? If this is all people these days have time to do...............then my hope in humanity is truly lost. Tend to your own aquarium, do a water change, test your Alk,Cal, and Mg levels, go on Marine and buy something for your tank, take your wife out to dinner, play ball with your kids, read a book on reef keeping, watch a good movie. Trying to antagonize some stray dude on Youtube, because you don't like his tank? Really? Sorry, I know many out there feel the same way you guys do, but believe me there are many who would say I hit the nail on the head, even if they were a bit shy to say so. Seriously, guys read what you all are saying and really think about it.......... anyways, good luck in your endeavors to get "Fiki Prima" in trouble. No hard feelings fellow reefers.... just telling it like it is.

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