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Originally Posted by vikinglord13 View Post
I agree with this statement. I love the Edmund Burke quote. In this case I think education is the sole course of action. As someone earlier said "you can lead a horse to water..." this doesn't mean we don't stop leading horses to water. If this aquarist does not learn his lesson, he is one of the horses who will not drink. I'm curious to see what his supposed upgrade will be in February.

Those with a conscience, holding themselves to some type of higher ethical standard will acknowledge the faults, and attempt to maintain tanks which are properly designed for the inhabitants.

It was me who said that. And i agree we should give them the Educated reasons why its wrong in a non aggressive as possible way, But just yelling at said person what they are doing is wrong and being demanding will NOT change the behavior..

Just wanted to point out i have no problem telling someone they are wrong. I just see no use in Arguing or being demanding over the issue when it will GET Nothing changed..

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