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Originally Posted by DEIGNAN14 View Post
I lost one colony last week to this fungus and now I am suspect of other colonies starting to look infected. Can you tell me how long to dip them and if this fungus will spread to corals that are not zoas. Is a quarantine tank necessary or can I dip and return to main tank?
Any help will be appreciated.
If there is one thing in this hobby I have learned since getting into the hobby back in 2002, you better be QTing everything that you put in your tank or you will eventually regret it! While many problems can be solved given all the info we have today, I cant help but think about what my Grandmother used to always say..."A ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure".

Yeah its a pain in the butt to be sure, yeah we are all short on space or at least most are, yeah we want that little jewel in our tank asap looking spiffy. But stop and think about how much money you have invested in your tank in corals, rock and some cases sand. Are you willing to play russian roulette and risk it all? To me a QT tank is a very small price to pay for a extra meassure of insurance. Killing off my QT tank and loosing a coral frag is a lot easier and cheaper than killing off a display that has several thousand dollars worth of collector grade coral! I QT everything other than dry sand/rock! I dip every coral I put in my tanks!

My QT tank consist of a 10 gallon Aqueon tank, Heater, Aquaclear filter and a Kessil A-80 Tuna Blue. Thats about a 200 buck investment. Easy to set up and tear down repeatedly. Its great for QTing small fish, Clams of Corals. 200 bucks seems a bit steep, but look at a nice display tank full of collector grade corals, add up how much you would have to spend to replace everything in your tank, then ask yourself if 200 bucks is too much to spend to prevent a disaster and loose a tank!!! A QT tank is the best investment I have ever made in this hobby bar none!

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