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Originally Posted by Asthix View Post

After purchasing this BBK Mini 200 skimmer used, after few month only, i got this "Er" message displayed on the controller.

I took out the whole pump and soaked it in vinegar with no success.

The impeller is turning smoothly by hand with no resistance, everything is 100% clean as i checked and double checked.

When i plug it in, the rotor start turning slowly, like 40rpm for 5 seconds, then stops, then rotates again after few seconds and then stop.
After a few trial, the message "Er" is displayed.

I contacted the customer service, they told me it's probably the motor block that need to be replaced...
How can i make sure at 100% that i don't order it and the issue comes from somewhere else?
Is there like a define coil resistance of the motor block to measure?

Thanks in advance,
Where are you located? Just soaking the pump in vinegar without taking it apart and scrubbing it properly won’t typically solve problems like you are nothing.

Since you bought this pump/skimmer used, I suspect the previous owner probably didn’t take the pump apart and clean it and rinse it before taking it offline which results in the minerals and salt drying up inside the motor. This can create friction points in the motor that will prevent the motor from starting up properly and cause the err message. The motor and controller maintain bi-directional communication and if the RPM doesn’t match the expected Wattage setting, the pump can sense that and it will trigger error messages and or codes depending on the situation.

My advice would be to take it completely apart. Soak the motor, impeller and pump cover in straight household distilled vinegar for 10 minutes. No more, not less. Scrub inside the motor blocks magnet cavity using a toothbrush. Be sure to scrub the small bushing at the bottom of the magnet cavity where the end of the impeller shaft sits into as that is one of the friction points. Scrub the magnet and rotor with a soft dish brush. Rinse everything well when you are done. Be sure that the round plate between the magnet and rotor spins freely with a little bit of play. That is the 2nd friction point.

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