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Originally Posted by aharrow View Post
Just an update, I took apart for the fifth time and repressed my bearings to make are they were on all the way.

I also figured out the sequence for washers. The tank side should get a single washer. The rear side should go washer, spring, washer. Hooked back up and is quieter. Not silent like my tunze, but much better. My wife said, that's supposed to be quiet? So I will continue to have my controller turn it off during dinner hours. But it is half the noise level as prior to bearing fix.

Interesting when I follow this my magnet rubs and the motor stalls. when I reverse it, it is about 50% more quite. But your washer/spring/washer order was what the problem was for me. The previous owner messed it up.

When I mount the motor assembly i the bell housing with a little caliper anti squeak silicone it is nice and quiet now. Previously it was noisy. BUT as soon as I screw on the magnet it is noisy as hell. My next step may be to balance the magnet.

When I mount the shaft assembly on the housing and give it a spin, then swap it and spin it again, I can hear and feel noise coming from the tank side (607) bearing.Or Did I confuse it already? Now I just need to find a more quiet tank side bearing.. While I have read that VBX and BOCA bearings had better results, there are those who had noise issues with them as well...So it may be constant trial and error till I get a good one.

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