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Sorry I missed your question, I was gone for work for a couple days.

I'll give you an honest review. After using various pumps over the years, these are superior mechanically to anything I've used thus far. Noise levels are basically nothing unless running at a high dose/time ratio. I use mine for water changes and they take place over a matter of a hours, fairly slowly and I rarely notice they are running.

I will be critical of the software itself, it lacks programmable options. For the life of me I cannot figure out why you cannot program by days of the week. It makes no sense in such a simple software setup that it isn't an option.

With that said, I was doing water changes every day.. I always made sure my changes were when I was home. I was about a month in, no issues.. Took my son to baseball practice in the afternoon during a scheduled change, we went to a movie and dinner that night with the family, and the pump pulling water out never shut off - it ran for about 6 hours past it's schedule. Overfilled my waste container, which thankfully I have in my basement with a drain in the floor, but my ATO was pumping water in the entire time. Wasn't a major deal, but just a warning to anyone who has one.

I have since expanded my Apex. Moved the intake and outgoing lines to different parts of the system, and now they dose at the same time, on timers, so even if one was stuck on, it wouldn't dose too much, and the Apex program would shut them off anyway.

The software has issues. However, they are mechanically sound. I love them.

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