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I have a canon rebel and a solid tripod and remote

can someone please recommend a lens for taking pictures of single zoa/paly polyps inwhich I can get the camera up against the glass and polyp against the glass on the other side.

I would also like to have the ability to take a picture of maybe 10 polyps max on a perfectly sized l.r rubble that matches the 10 polyp size with the same lens if possible I'll also be able to move the colony close to glass along with the camera

I'll be shooting in manual mode

this is the lens that I was thinking of buying:

100 ef 100 mm f2.8

will I be able to get the same clarity and result with a lesser lens?

and will paying a extra few hundred $ benefit me if so what lens? and how?

trying to fill the whole picture with just 1 single zoa/paly up to around 10 zoa/paly's only.

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