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Dosing Ca /Alk in a fix ratio for each and every tank in my eyes is nothing but nonsense

There are Several reasons why one tank "consumes" more Ca, the next one more Alk

If you dose in a fix ratio, you will end up in a scenario where one of the two values are not ok. This is reality and you will find tons of messages alone in this forum.

I think the failure in thinking is that people suggesting this try to "add something that is close to seawater"
We'd better "add the correct amounts" so that our "tanks water will become like natural seawater"
That's a big difference !

In reality whatever amounts of Ca/Alk (and also Mg and other Elements) corals are consuming, this is nothing because there is so much water around and flowing with perfect and stable parameters

Totally different in our tanks, especially if stuffed with SPS. What this guys consume in order to grow as we want them to, we might need to add huge amounts of Ca/Alk steadily.
Supplementing this is kind of feeding SPS. Not doing this is letting corals suffer.
Adding it in a fixed ratio of Ca/Alk if one of the values is in a "not ok range" is also letting them suffer.

The same is for other traces (K, iodine, Stro). Different to Ca/Alk and Mg WE can't measure ..... so can't control dosing of this elements (yet).
And this is the miracle of waterchanges because they add and or correct these elements.
Ver good in my eyes also: Ca / Alk / Mg recipes that bring traces with the dosing.

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