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You need service and support? Please contact us directly! Read more...

GHL wants to give you the best customer support - quick, efficient, successful

In order to serve you better we have these channels to help you:

1.) Visit our website and our support forum - there you will find technical documents, instructions and downloads, many questions can be answered that way

2.) If you didn't find what you were looking for and you still need help please contact us directly by sending an email to

3.) Post here on Reefcentral. Please keep in mind that we are not monitoring this forum permanently, if you prefer to post in RC rather than to post in our dedicated support forum or to email us, this can delay your service a few days.

We prefer written communication, this makes it much easier to exchange documents, screenshots, settings files etc.

In the case you have a repair or warranty issue we prefer you to contact your dealer first.

If it turns out that we need a direct call to solve a problem we will contact you and appoint a time for a telephone call.

We answer the phone and reply to emails Monday to Friday permanently.
We respond to RC threads Monday to Friday, as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

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