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I did some research, and although I couldn't find any info on this species, I found a journal that documented another closely related and similar looking species from the South American Atlantic, and it said that they have short lifespans, and described the behaviors and adaptations of those clingfish as a result of the short lifespans.

So, maybe my clingfish have short lifespans too? They grew extra fast, and were tiny when I caught them, less than an inch long. They reached adulthood in just six months, and bred like crazy. I lost three clingfish in the last six months, all with no signs of disease. This one lived over two years. I have one left, and it is behaving normally. I hope that my other species live longer lives than these, if that is the case. If not, maybe I need to rethink my fishkeeping methods. Come to think of it, I caught a skilletfish many years ago and kept in my FO tank, and it only lived about two years.

If anyone has kept skilletfish before, how long did they survive?

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