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Basically, yes, that's about right. I've read that internal parasites, stress, or some diseases can cause it. But, the actual death is from eggs that either won't or can't be laid becoming infected with bacteria before they can be absorbed by their bodies. Apparently, normally, female fish that are heavy with eggs if they can't spawn for some reason, absorb the eggs.

As far as keeping the males together, they bicker and squabble over their own territories. Each one is tough enough to fend off the others when the others stray to their oyster shell. And this is in the 20g long. They don't pick on each other enough for one to give up and get stressed out. I think that I could support up to five or six males in the larger tank, but, I'm leaning toward keeping only three. The male blennies dominate a tank, so the extra room would be good for any females in there, as well as the other species.

Blennies Rock!

--Kevin Wilson

Current Tank Info: 101g 3'X3'X18" Cubish Oyster Reef Blenny tank, 36"X17"X18" sump
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