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Thank you Michael! All of the minnow species nibble on the algae, but not enough to make a difference. Snails would work, but the darters eat them, so they wouldn't last long. I'd have to collect and restock them often to make a difference, and right now, they're all hibernating. The positive side to darters eating them is that it's a healthy food for the fish. The downside of that is that snails carry parasites that infect darters.

However, a friend on the NANFA forum recommended that I try and catch a species of fish that would eat the algae and make a difference, called a central stoneroller. I tried to get one on my last collecting trip, but no luck. It's been too nasty of weather to go collecting lately, between freezing temps or rain on the days that I happen to be off work. Isn't that always the case though? Why are all the nice weather days on work days?

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