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Did you test a fresh batch of saltwater?
(adamsfour) No this is a good idea, the problem is there are very few Boron test available and they are fairly expensive. I am using instant ocean and would be hard to believe its that high
Do you use a calcium reactor?
(adamsfour) No I use liquid Calcium from Sea Chem
Alk supplements often contain it too.. Dosing alk?
(adamsfour). This was my thinking too. I am using Brightwell. It doesn't indicate anything on the label I know that doesn't mean it doesn't contain it.
Switch foods?
(adamsfour) I feed frozen brine shrimp. given the size of the cube I guess it could be a source but seems a bit of a stretch
I forgot to mention I also use Chem-pure, Phosguard, Nitrate removal. So I assume any of those can be a source.

Besides removing the source which can be any of the above water changes are the only way to remove/reduce it assuming its not coming from your salt mix.

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