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Iím currently considering a light upgrade and looking hard at Kessil. BRS has several videos on the 360X, from when they were released to much more current with measured results and recommendations for how many and settings. According to their info, one should be sufficient for that size tank, however they it might be underpowered for SPS. Looking at their results, I think a few hardier SPS corals placed carefully may work. For more than that, the new 9X might be a better choice (way more $$ though).
I used 2 160ís on a 30 gal mixed a while back with great results, but I didnít care for so many wires and power supplies. The newer X controller gets power from the light fixture, and the dongle cleans things up even more. The 9X has wifi built in. I need my lights closer to the water (hood over my tank), and according to BRS the 360X is better for that.
Iím looking at Radion G5 as well, but the Kessil seems more foolproof as far as spectrum goes. The X15 is similar in cost depending on how itís mounted. Great BRS videos on those as well.
Iíd love to find a LFS with both on display to compare side by side how they look.

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