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Absolutely delightful!!

Love your post, gholland - I am a new mantis mommy, having my little O. havanensis, and about to embark on a thrill ride with a baby O. scyllarus. Matrix, the havanensis, is about to get moved to a new home - a fantastic tank on my desk, with more of what he likes - lots of shells, and deeper sand. He has decorated his little burrow entrances with shells I gave him, as well as some pretty poslished pieces of sodalite, rose quartz and agate. Quite the little designer! I want to be able to spend more quality time with him, so the move is happening tomorrow!! VERY excited!!!

Thanks for the wonderful stories of your mantis - I love it!!


Current Tank Info: 24-gallon aquapod, 18 gal small world tank, 65 gal mixed reef, 75 gal. mixed reef, 2 mantis shrimp tanks
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